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Our Price: 0.79
Old Fashioned Fly Tying Wax
Low Tack Block
Completely Clear Super Sticky Dubbing Wax from Wapsi
In a Convenient Travel Size "ChapStick" Tube
Fly Tying Head Cement Thinner
Our Price: 3.99
Touch Dub Wax TDW2 Travel Size 2-Part 5 Minute Epoxy
A Million & 1 Uses, Dries Clear & Hard as a Rock!
Head Cement Bottle with Brush Built Into Cap
Head Cement Bottle with Bodkin/Applicator Needle Water Shed Waterproofing Liquid
Pre Fishing Treatment for Flies, Lines, & Leaders
Zap-A-Gap Medium CA+
PT-04 .25oz
A Must Have at the Fly Tying Bench!
Fly Tying Head Cement A Flexible, Thin Sealer & Cement Zap Goo from Zap-A-Gap
A Versatile Multi-Use Adhesive & Sealant
Strong & Flexible
Our Price: 4.99
Polyethylene Dropper Bottle
Comes with a tube that can be attached to stream liquid. Use without the tube to dispense one drop at a time. Bottles are semi-clear and include a nozzle cover. Not for inks.
Hard As Hull
Just as the Name Says, with a Brush Built in the Cap!
Touch Dub Wax TDW1 Large Size Tube
Our Price: 6.99
List Price: $12.95
Our Price: 11.95
Savings: $1.00
The Original Barge Cement
-Great for re-gluing felt soles back onto wading shoes.
Works best is applied to each mating part and then let it dry over night.
Next re-coat both surfaces and then clamp together.
1oz with Applicator Needle
Odorless, non-toxic water based Head Cement with applicator system for exact placement of cement. Never breathe toxic or smelly fumes again.
Loon UV Clear Fly Finish
New ½ oz size
New UV Blocking application needles
ew Taper-Tip needle prevents clogs
Build fly heads and bodies
Instantly cures with sunlight or UV light
Brush Applicator included
Needle tip included for precision tying
Misfit UV Bond LED Light
Powerful 21-LED Flashlight
uses 3-AA batteries (not included)
Misfit UV Bond 15ml Glass Bottle with Applicator Brush in Cap -Dries hard, clear, & tack free in seconds with our UV Light!
Misfit UV Bond Starter Kit 1 - Powerful 21-LED Flashlight 1 - Bottle of UV Bond Tack Free Cement