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Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Red Round Bend Worm Hook
Made in U.S.A.
L319L Eagle Claw Lazer Hooks
This is the best Large Tube Fly Hook I've Found
Black Nickel Finish
Made in the USA
Light Wire Scud Hook
Uses: Scuds, Shrimp, Grubs, Pupae, San Juan Worms, Emergers, & Nymphs
25 Pack
Daiichi Klinkhammer Fly Hook
Uses: Klinkhammers, Emergers, Caddis Nymphs, & Much More!
25 Pack
Daiichi Long Shank Aberdeen Streamer Fly Hook
Uses: Streamers, Long Body Dries, Warmwater Flies (Bass, Pike, & Muskie)
Black Finish
Gamakatsu B10s Stinger Hook Probably the most popular bass bug/warmwater hook on the market!

*Now availible in trout fly sizes!
Gamakatsu SC15 Saltwater Hook
A great all-purpose saltwater hook!
Weedless Tube Fly Hook
(wacky weedless worm hook)
made by VMC
Size 2/0 - approx. 23.10mm x 17.15mm
Pack of 6
Lazer Sharp Weedless Hook
by Eagle Claw
Red Finish
Made in the USA
Size 1/0
Gamakatsu SL45 Bone Fish Hook
Pack of 12
Black Finish
Gamakatsu C14S Fly Hooks
great for tube flies, glo bugs, and egg patterns
pack of 25
Partridge Boilie Long Carp Fly Hook
Pack of 10
Black Nickel Finish
Misfit Muskie Hooks
XL Shank
Round Bend
Ultra Sharp Point
Black Nickel Finish
Manufactured by Mustad
-Super strong and still a lightweight hook perfect for big streamers & poppers targeting big fish!

Gamakatsu 60° Jig Bend

Extra Wide Gap

Package of 12

Attitude Streamer Hooks
15 Pack
Partridge Universal Predator X Fly Hooks
Predator hook for all freshwater, estuary and saltwater applications.

Ahrex Predator Hooks
PR320 - Stinger (barbed)

Absolute Predator Hooks
Wide Gap, Straight Eye, Barbless
10 Pack

Our Price: $19.99
Daiichi Fly Tying Hooks
100 Pack Boxes
Gamakatsu B10s
Fly Tying Hooks
100 count packs