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The NEW Force M1 Muskie Fly Rod
by Limit Creek Rod Company
Grain Weight: 500
4pc Rod with Rod Tube Plus Extra Tip Section & 3 Year Warranty

A serious tool for serious anglers, pursuing big fish with huge flies with a unique handle configuration combines an extended fore grip and rear grip, allowing the rod to be cast 1 or 2 handed. This innovative grip design also aids in figure 8’s and hook sets, whether 2 handing or bracing the rear grip against the forearm. The rear grip also moves the main grip forward shortening the casting length of the rod. This creates a mechanical advantage, giving the feel of an 11WT, while offering substantially more power and backbone for fighting fish and setting hooks in the “8”. The Force M1 is the ultimate stick for throwing huge flies and fighting big fish in any arena, Fresh or Saltwater.

Design input and testing by professional Muskie guide, Gabe Schubert.
Gabe's Line Recommendations:
SA Sonar Titan H/S2/S4 500gr
SA Sonar Titan Full Intermediate 500gr